Good start!

March 21, 2010

I am writing from Morocco this time. 2010 has begun and I have started my first season back on the LET tour. I am excited to be closer to home. The shorter trips will be nice! I am crossing the ocean again in a few days however, to play the Nabisco Championship.
I have practiced the last few weeks in the very cold Swedish winter weather. We had the coldest, most snowy winter in over 100 years! Just in time for me being back. For a long time I said I would start practicing “when it gets warmer”, but then I realized that was not going to happen. So a couple of weeks ago I started going to the range every day. It is a covered driving Range with infra heating. Unfortunately the heating is just not enough when it is a few below freezing and snow dumping from the sky. I stuck it out and it payed off! I finished second this week! I was very close to winning, a few more putts could have dropped. I played very solid all week, which is exciting for the season! My coach Graham caddied for me, which was great!
Now I am looking forward to Palm Springs and then a quick visit in Phoenix to see some friends and practice a bit. Greens may not open until May at home, usually they are open by Easter. What do they call it again-GLOBAL WARMING!
Take care


Almost May already…

April 26, 2009

My New Year resolution is not going so well… But now I am writing a blog again!
I was in Spain this week for the European Nations cup. A great event! We played as teams of two from 20 countries. I was paired with Lotta Wahlin. We had a couple of good days but did not finish very high in the results…
The begining of the season has not been much fun for me at all. I have not gotten my game together yet. I am working hard and hope for some good results soon!
I have been all over; Brazil, Thailand, Singapore, Phoenix, Palm Springs and Spain…
I will go to Kingsmill, New York and Corning next.
Life in Sweden is great! Especially now that spring is here. I forgot how lovely spring can be. It already stays light until after 9 pm, and everyone is outside fixing their yards for summer. Or just out for a walk…
We had a crazy birthday party for Simzon and a friend of his last Sunday (he turned 6). 35 kids (30 boys and 5 girls) in the park playing baseball… We do not really have baseball in sweden, so we had to teach them first. It was a blast! In America we introduced Swedish traditions to our friends, and now we are bringing American things to Sweden. For the first time in my life I made Chocolate Chip Cookies from Dough I bought in the US, kids loved them! I made swedish cookies from scratch instead when I lived in the US, or Cinnamon rolls “Bullar” . Get some of those when you visit IKEA next time…
I am making myself hungry, going to dinner now.
I will be back soon, promise…


January 10, 2009

Happy New Year to all my friends around the world!
In 2009 I will:

Play at least 18 events on the LPGA tour.

Blog more frequently  (easy to improve from 2008) 

Live in sweden full time  again (I left in 1995..)

I am officially a resident of Sweden again! So far I am enjoying the winter here.   Phoenix weather was a lot  better for golf practise,  but time off from golf is important for me, and Swedish weather is great for that!

While I am resting from Golf, I am working a bit in the gym. I have also enjoyed some Ice skating with the kids… We had a few clear, cold days when all the lakes froze. it is special to skate on a lake! One morning,it snowed for the first time this winter. I got the sleds out, ready to hit the hills. By the time the boys were out of school it was raining… I am not sure who was more disappointed, me or the kids…

I am going to play a new event on the LPGA in a couple of weeks, in Brazil.  It will be my first time in South America!   

See you soon again


Happy new Year!

January 12, 2008

I hope this blog finds you happy and healthy and ready for a great 2008!

I have had a good winter.  In november I played in The Pebble Beach Pro Am.  A very nice event at one of my favourite places!

After that I took a long break from golf.  It was nice to get away and get some rest. 

I went to Sweden for a week in December and then spent christmas in Phoenix.  We celebrate on the 24th. We had all the Swedish traditional foods and drinks with fellow Swedes Sjöstrom(20), Tjärnqvist(22)and Tellqvist(35) from the Coyotes and their families.  I have attended a few hockey games this winter-Go Coyotes!

Now I am working on my game.  I am getting rid of bad habits from last season and improving as much as I can.

This week I went to PING and tested my putter and my stroke.  The technology is amazing.  It was helpful to understand more about this.   I am using a new putter now, that will work better for my stroke.

I am also working at the gym, getting more strenght and flexibility.  I always try to get a lot of variety in the Gym, I do kettlebells, pilates, weights and Gyrotonics.  I work with a great trainer.  Angela at Bodyscapes in Scottsdale.

I will start the season in a few weeks in Hawaii.  the boys are coming with me, so it will be a fun trip!

Take care.


Hello from beautiful Evian

July 27, 2007

Evian is one of my favorite places!  I have played here the last 14 years and look forward to coming back every year.  I have many good memories from the tournament.  This year I had a bad start to the week and missed the cut by one.  My game is improving but all the pieces are not coming together at once.  It is frustrating, but I keep practising and hope to turn it around soon!

Last week I played the HSBC world championship of womens’ golf.  I won a couple of matches and played decent.

I have also spent some time in Sweden with my family.  It has been very rainy and quite cold, but it is always nice to be home!

Next week is the British Open at St. Andrews,  I look forward to playing there.

Take care


Week off in Phoenix

May 18, 2007

Hello Friends!

I am at home for a few days.  It is nice, but too hot in Phoenix this time of year.  The pool is nice though…

The last three weeks on tour were busy, but lots of fun!

Mexico-nice to back where I won two years ago.  great tournament, beautiful place!  Unfortunately my ballstriking was not too good on the weekend…

Tulsa-Back in my College town.  Sem group is the main sponsor of the tournament, and they also have team of players, to which i belong.  It is  a great company!  We played Southern Hills on Tuesday with Sem Group and costumers and then had a lovely dinner on Friday night!   I played decent, until the wind started blowing on Sunday…

Kingsmill-a favourite stop for many players!   A wonderful course and resort, and one of the best run tournaments all year!  We had some fun family time at Bush Gardens!  

I played really well all week.  Rough start on Sunday with a couple of 3-putts, but then I played pretty good, again in the wind.  I am starting to feel good about my game again.  Now it is all about making a couple of more putts per round…

Maybe in Corning next week…

Take care



April 17, 2007

Hello again.  Thanks for the supporting comments!

Last week was definately a step in the right direction for my game.  I am excited to have a good finish!  The conditions on Sunday were very tough, It was difficult to stay focused, but I did OK…  I have a week off now at home in Phoenix.  I will spend time with the family, do some regular mom things.  I will also keep working on the game and try to fine tune a few things.

Take care


Welcome to my blog!!!

April 3, 2007

I am excited about being  more personal with you!  Write to me and I will check the blog often, and try to answer questions you may have.  I will tell you about my tournaments too of course.

A new year has started.  I have played some good golf, but not for an entire tournament.  I am working hard, let’s hope it starts paying off soon…

Bye for now


Report from Korea

February 22, 2007

Hello, time for a journal entry. I am writing from Korea in a town called Ulsan, on the east coast. I just got back from the Pro Am party, which included a golf clothing fashion show. It was very nice and not like anyhting I had ever seen before. There was also a Korean singer who was very popular amongst the young Korean players (Korea’s Diana Ross). Quite the show!

As I am writing this, sitting on my hotel bed, there are reports on CNN about the North Korea conflict. It feels a bit close.

I like visiting the Asian countries. The culture is so different from the Western part of the world, but I am getting tired of rice though. Last week we played a new event in Thailand. I had only been there once before 14 years ago. I was very impressed with the people, they are very polite and genuinely nice. I had fun shopping in the street market at night. You have to barter there, and sometimes they get mad when you try to get a low price. I am not very good at bartering, so I let my husband do it for me most of the time. I have to tell you about the trip to Thailand. It is a 17 hour flight from LA to Bangkok! That is a long time to spend on a plane. When we got there our luggage was lost. The flight only goes every other day so we had to wait two days for our clothes and clubs. Luckily the tournament started Friday, so I got my things just in time. Despite all that, I played well in Thailand – very steady golf. My putting also was a lot better than earlier this year. It’s all coming together and I look forward to playing two more events this year.

I am playing this week then I go home to my boys. I get home just in time for Halloween! I am not sure about my costume yet though. The week after I play Tournament of Champions in Alabama, then I get to be a mom for a few months – while I work on my game of course.

Swing easy and take care,